make you stay

“Make you stay“ is a cycle of eight compositions by Emily Wittbrodt: Experimental recitatives and instrumental pieces with text about separation by Astrud Gilberto, E.E. Cummings, Stine Sampers and Emily Wittbrodt. Annie Bloch/ organs and voice, Jan Philipp/ drums and voice, Wolfgang Pérez/ guitar, electronics and voice, Edis Ludwig/ electronics and voice, Emily Wittbrodt/ cello, voice and composition.

“Make you stay” has been released on Ana Ott, September 22nd 2023:

by Ludwig Kuffer

FBi Radio Sydney:

“Via glitchy textures we segue into the genre-repudiating music of Emily Wittbrodt, from her new album Make You Stay, released by the equally unpigeonholeable label Ana Ott. The album is a cycle of eight pieces, alternating between “recitatives” and “arias”, adapting these baroque & early classical forms for a contemporary band. (…) Thus we have music that shifts between quite classical sounding arrangements, indiepop songs, burbling, glitching electronics and free jazz. It’s charmingly strange and strangely engaging music.”

The New Noise (Italy):

“(…) It is a strongly evocative and dynamic work by the German musician, who is not afraid to scale unorthodox heights or dissolve into languorous beauty (…)”

Groove Magazin:

“Freie Musik von freien Geistern. (…) Mit eingewebter, gesungener oder gesprochener Lyrik und geborgten Song-Lyrics wird aus den digital prozessierten Cello-Klängen und der zurückhaltend aufspielenden Jazz-Trio-Besetzung ihrer Backing-Kombo eine eigene, ziemlich moderne Art von Art-School-Pop. Unverkrampfte Avantgarde, die ganz unverhofft zum Mainstream werden könnte, ja sollte.”