Ludwig Wittbrodt

The Duo Ludwig Wittbrodt, that‘s Emily Wittbrodt on cello and Edis Ludwig on laptop. The two develop a thicket of sounds and melodies that absorbs us in a completely unpretentious way and fills us with associations and warmth. Sometimes in the jungle, sometimes under water in the desert, we are reminded of the achievements of both Krautrock and Neue Musik, of early electronic music as well as Drone and Ambient.
Ludwig Wittbrodt released their second album “schleifen” march first 2024 on Ana Ott.

The duo of Edis Ludwig and Emily Wittbrodt pairs two musicians from different musical worlds, intersecting in experimentation. (…) For Schleifen (“Grind”) the cello and laptop become a mini-ensemble, capable of producing contemporary classical music, drones, and kosmische musik, within a consistent framework. Lovely stuff.
FBi Radio Sydney